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moistSCAPE - Freecell, Henry Urbach Gallery, NY

Designed to be ‘an opportunity to explore the play of the natural within the artificial’, moistSCAPE is an installation comprised of a steel framework and recycled rubber flooring upon which living mosses form. Visitors can walk among the structure; running their hands over the plant growths

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Delta Social Soul MKG

Here’s how it works: Visitors enter the custom structure - which includes a 360-degree display of monitors, mirrors, and sound - and experience a captivating stream of the imagery, text, video, and audio of their own Twitter feed and those they follow.”


Alex Maymind | Socks Studio

Drawings represent a strong theoretical interest for Maymind. As a 2012- 2013 Walter B. Sanders Fellow, at the University of Michigan,( Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning), together with other fellows Andrew Holder and Christian Stayner he worked on the project: “100 Drawings, 48 Characters, 12 Landforms: Projects by 2012-13 Architecture Fellows” a series of a hundred drawings organized in four categories. 

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cotton yarn installations | eun hye kang


Samuel La Roze / Camping Urbain 1999